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We’ll dedicate the first 30 minutes to product and creation demos for anyone who wants to share what they are working on. After that, it’s free time! Meet other awesome innovators, catch up with old friends, share your ideas.

Longer Shares are 4 minutes talking about whatever you’re working on, followed by 4 minutes of questions. Bring slides if you want. Bring a demo. Or just inspire imaginations.

For those of you who do not get a chance to present, we will do 30-second Quick Shares before breaking for hang out time.

Share is a great opportunity to get design feedback. Marketing tips. Practice a pitch. Or, just to hear yourself out loud.

Art. App. Buried Treasure. SaaS Startup. Machine Learning. Restaurant. No matter what you are creating – if you love it – it is welcome at NHV Show & Tell

What does a share look like?