Since hosting our first event in December 2016 we have hosted more than 50 different projects, from traditional startups, to art, to social ventures, to internal company initiatives and major app updates from established companies.

This list isn’t complete. If you share, you don’t have to be included here if you don’t want to. But, if you have shared and want to be on the list please contact us so we can add you.


Radicle is a movement of artists promoting their work to unite their fans around a common purpose. Website:

Between Two Rock - New Haven Startups

Between Two Rocks

A blog about everything that goes down in New Haven. Happy hours, beaches, places to be, how to meet people, etc. Website: Facebook: Twitter: @jlevnhv Instragram: @jlevnhv

Lunch Money Print

Lunch Money Print was founded in 2017 by Christopher O’Flaherty and Mark Donne with a vision to make contemporary art more accessible and encourage people to become first time art collectors through printmaking. In addition to selling woodcuts, etching, lithographs etc. we also have a custom framing service. At the end of last year we had a vision to save both space in their home and money on custom framing by prototyping a magnetic frame that lets people swap in new artwork in seconds. The Magnetic “Neue Frame” is now patent pending, and we are excited to continue developing this product. Website: Email: Email:


Collab is a boost program for Connecticut entrepreneurs. Our mission is to make entrepreneurship accessible in Connecticut. Our incubator provides new entrepreneurs with cohort-based workshops, $1000 of funding, and mentors to get them to the next level. In addition, we provide childcare, transportation, and interpretation services to reduce barriers for participating ventures. In Collab’s last incubator round, we received 75 applications from 149 entrepreneurs — 65% were women-led, 72% were people-of-color led, and 47% were women-of-color led ventures. Website:

Mumvia Inc

Mumvia aims to provide all small businesses and small organizations (incl schools, churches, city/town departments) a mobile customer engagement platform to help them acquire, nurture and grow their customer base. Businesses can engage with customers to develop customer loyalty, and promote to the local community to gain new customers. Capabilities provided are messaging, appointment requests, mobile payments and local promotions. All of this comes at a very low investment and an easy-to-use technology. For consumers, they will now be able to interact with all local small businesses, schools, churches and the city via one app. Website: Email:


We’re producing ready-to-eat, all-natural vegetable entrees that actually contain a substantial amount of vegetables and, equally importantly, taste delicious. Our products will be frozen and available in grocery stores and gyms. Feel good about eating well with delicious and portable entrees that fulfill your vegetable requirements for an entire day! Email: Website: Facebook: Instagram: @eatplentiful




Is opportunity walking out the door with your audience? Frustrated with time-consuming follow-up that leads to limited results? Convert audience members to customers, donors or fans BEFORE they leave the room with encaptiv. Audience members join your presentation from their web-enabled device – nothing to download – and interact with you live. You get real-time feedback from your audience and detailed post-presentation data and analytics you can use to improve your presentations and outcomes. And while you present, encaptiv pays close attention to each attendee’s engagement and interests. Then, when it’s time to seal the deal, encaptiv sends highly targeted, engagement-based calls to action to each audience member’s device that they can complete BEFORE they leave the room. But we don’t stop there. encaptiv’s integrated sales and marketing features automate follow-up, expand your audience through social sharing and promote ongoing goal conversions so you can accomplish more with less effort.



Monster Truck Crush Kings

Crush Kings is a new video game for Apple and Android. Crush and destroy everything! Turn into TRUCKASAURUS and demolish your enemies! Play football with monster trucks. Designed by Jon Sheklow and developed by Opposite Lock Games.


Social dining platform for people to mingle over homecooked meals. Website: Youtube:

Fitstyle by Shana

Fitstyle is about finding time for fitness where you didn’t think it existed, an approach created by Shana Schneider, a sought-after fitness expert, motivational speaker, and author, understanding that time can be our biggest hurdle. Learn how to “Fitstyle Your Life”® and make every second count through walking tours, online programs, and home decor products. Website: Facebook: @fitstylebyshana Instagram: @fitstylebyshana


Framework Professional Developer Program (from

The Framework Professional Developer Program trains web and mobile developers to be ready for their first job in the industry.  Participants earn eight (or more) industry-recognized certifications, complete portfolios of their work, and become confident in the professional skills they acquire.  This program is perfect for anyone who wants to start a career in development.  The program is flexible but can be completed in as little as 20 weeks. Email:


Yale Carbon Charge

Yale is testing the feasibility and effectiveness of putting a price on carbon by charging its schools and units $40/ton of CO2 equivalent emissions resulting from their building related energy consumption. Yale is among the first institutions of higher education to do so and has the most comprehensive approach. Website:

Origami Innovations

Origami Innovations is an Innovation, Design, and Solution Lab in the Heart of New Haven powered by Yale University Students. We focus on real-world value creation, moving interests and passions out of academic journals and into tangible solutions, taking the next step from focusing on the ways the world ‘should be changed’ into the ways the world ‘can be changed’. Website: Email:


VertiCatch(TM) is a device that attaches to stop signs. It detects when the sign has been knocked over and notifies the city so that the sign can be replaced before an accident occurs and somebody gets hurt. Email: